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Slow boat to Yangshou-cruising down the River Li.

Next day I felt a lot better, which proved to me it can’t have been the food. Plus I now appeared to have a new neck that could move as it should on my shoulders and was no longer locked after all the time spent hanging over a laptop at work. Wow, what good news.
Today promised to be a real highlight of the trip as we were due to go down the River Li on our boat cruise. This is said to be the most beautiful river in the world as featured in all the Classical Chinese paintings. The River Li winds its way through the stunning Karst limestone scenery which I’d heard much about from geography and geology way back at school.
We started the cruise on one of the newest boats on the River Li, which our guide assured us was purely by luck. It was very smart and we were assigned seats on the 2nd level deck.
However, as soon as we were able we were up, standing on the top deck admiring the views. Then we spent the next 4 hours nearly, standing here, as we very slowly cruised down the river. This really is a beautiful, peaceful experience as all the hustle and bustle of Guilin (and the world) just drifted away.
The river is only an average of 2m deep and we sailed along a stretch that I think is 63 kilometres between Guilin and Yangshou. As we got about 1.5 hours away from Guilin we entered the part of the river that is most scenic. The river is wonderfully clear and we were surrounded by the most incredible peaks with names like Bat Hill, Five Fingers Hill and the Painted Hill of Nine Horses. It went on for miles and it really surpassed my expectations. I must admit this has been somewhere I have always wanted to see but I was a little afraid it would be spoiled. I’m pleased to say that, despite the numbers of boats in our flotilla, it hasn’t been, as the other boats just added colour and scale to the splendour.
It is hard to describe in words but I hope Jane’s photos give you a bit of a feel for it. Mind you, all this scenery is exhausting and Joyce and Enid had a little afternoon nap before we arrived in Yangshou!!

















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