Last night in Shanghai

As the sunset we left Pudong and drove back over the river to catch our evening river boat cruise. This lasted about an hour as we sailed up and back down the river this time admiring the city skyline and light show from the water. I have never seen anything like it. I ❤️ Shanghai, as the lights on the side of one of the big tall buildings kept telling us. It is a vibrant, young, modern, clean and friendly place and a great city to end our trip.

So what of China overall then? I think you will have noticed that I struggled a bit to start with. I think it was the jet lag and perhaps also the slightly cold weather in Beijing but also just the sheer volume of people everywhere, which takes some getting used to.
Once I relaxed a bit then so did the Chinese people we met and once again, like India, I found the people to be friendly but perhaps a little more shy. The other thing we have noticed is what a calm people the Chinese are. Despite their numbers, we never once saw anything verging on aggressiveness or road rage, for example. It was very clear that family is the cornerstone of Chinese society and they were especially lovely with children.
One thing I did find very different here in China compared to India, was the apparent lack of spirituality here. Yes, there is Buddhism and lots of history but I get the feeling that the young population pay more regard to science, business and facts, rather than religion etc. That was certainly the view of more than one of our guides.
The other thing I think you’ll have noticed is how little I knew about China before we arrived. My Mindmap of China was pretty non-existent and whilst I knew about the pace of development, until you see it in city after city I don’t think it hits home. I read an interesting quote about this urbanisation in The Guardian

“Whilst most people in China were farmers 30 years ago, 50% of people lived in cities by 2011 and by 2030 it’s estimated one billion people, or 70% of the population, will be urbanites.”

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been quite so surprised that at times it seemed a bit busy!
It has certainly been an amazing adventure and I’ve really enjoyed all the different experiences we’ve had a long the way. I don’t think China is for everyone but who knows what the future holds. Shanghai gave us a flavour of what China could become and once they develop the biggest Universal Studios in Beijing and a new Walt Disney World in Shanghai, maybe it will replace Florida as the destination of choice.

















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8 thoughts on “Last night in Shanghai

  1. Kim

    Thanks for including me on your mailing list. Once again I have enjoyed sharing in your experiences. Hopefully the jetlag recovery won’t be too painful!

    • Thanks for your kind comments Kim. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be sharing a video trailer soon…ask Enid if you can see that!! X

  2. Neal Ward

    Well ladies, it was enjoyable to experience China through your eyes. The narration was excellent as usual and Julie won’t have to worry about doing something once she retires – she will simply become a travel critic. The photos were vibrant and interesting – what camera(s) were you using? See you soon !!!

    • Thanks Neil…glad you enjoyed the blog! Most of the photos are Janes taken on her Canon camera. The odd one is mine from my Panasonic Lumix. See you soon. Xx

  3. Mike

    How selfish of you to come home, and deprive us of your daily posting.

    • Hi Mike thanks for joining us on our travels. My order for Wild Swans is in at the Broadway bookshop! I will call you tomorrow to see if we can catch up. X

  4. Geoff

    Thanks for all the postings and piccies from your odyssey …. they provided great entertainment .
    We must meet up in a Brummie Chinese soon – in PJ’s and slippers – to hear more !

    • Hi Geoff glad you enjoyed our adventures! Liking the idea of a meet up for a Chineesy. As long as we can have spicy donkey. Or maybe we should just go for a nice walk…you up for it? Xx

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