Shanghai……something old, something new…

I was very excited about the time we would spend in Shanghai for two reasons. First of all, two people from work had visited and promised me that a visit to Shanghai would be a visit to the future. This sounded interesting and I was intrigued by exactly what they meant. Secondly, I think the name ‘Shanghai’ just sounds very evocative. It rings of mahjong and opium dens but also french influence and opulence. For some reason it also meant Nicole Kidman to me although on the latter point -I have no idea why.
We had three days and nights here to explore and find out the truth behind these myths. We met out new guide ‘Annie’ at the airport and she took us to our last hotel- The Central Hotel – in downtown Shanghai. It really was 5* and very opulent. We had a massive room with lovely air conditioning which would be a very good base for our stay.
Interestingly our days in Shanghai were split more or less into the old and the new and so my first post here will describe what we saw in terms of ‘the old’.
So first stop in terms of seeing the past was a visit to the Xianting area. This I believe is in the old French concession area so low level old buildings and alleyways now converted into lots of smart bars and restaurants. It was also the site, Annie told us, of some sort of tennis party. I assumed she meant after the recent Shanghai Masters tennis tournament. Unfortunately this would be the first of many misleading pieces of information Annie would give us, although perhaps not deliberately, it’s just that her English was very poor. It turned out later, when I read the guide book, that it was in fact the site of the first Chinese Communist party congress meeting in 1921. The French concession was an area opened up in 1842 where Europeans lived by their own laws until the 1940s, when the Japanese invaded and occupied Shanghai.
Also round here is one of the most expensive shopping streets in Shanghai -Huaihai Street- although we chose to pop into Marks and Spencer’s not Louis Vuitton. We are, after all, women of a certain age and cannot resist a trip to Per Una!!
Next stop was The Bund. This area has been transformed since the 2010 World Expo and developed really nicely. There is a raised walkway all along the river Huangpu where you get great views over to the ‘future’ (Pudong Business District) but today it was a little overcast. On our side of the river the street is lined with beautiful colonial type buildings housing lots of banks and insurance companies even today. One famous building is The Peace Hotel although when we asked Annie why it was famous she was only able to tell us that it was famous for being famous all over the world. How very informative. Again, later on, I would find out that famous people who have stayed here include Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward and I’m almost certain Nicole Kidman.
Next stop for us was the Yu Gardens which were designed in the Ming Dynasty. The entrance to this place is via a sort of tourist tut bazaar. It was ridiculously busy and horrible as we found our way to the gardens via the zigzag bridge over the ponds around the tea house. Once inside, however, although busy, the gardens were quite a peaceful oasis from the madness outside. The gardens are famous for having various areas typifying the classic Chinese style of garden from this period with round gateways, pavilions, dragon walls, pretty water areas and lovely trees.
After the gardens we were then allowed to go shopping around the bazaar for one hour. Honestly, it was like something out of the Apprentice as we split into two teams to go and find the best gifts and souvenirs we could within the allotted time and budgets! Jane and I won with purchases of chopsticks, plastic bird fruit sticks and wind up Minions as well as a plastic pink pig with pop out eyes. A suitable summary of China there, in that one shopping bag!
Unfortunately Annie then kept us waiting for 15 mins and caused an international tour guide incident from which she would never recover. Oh well poor thing ..the problem really was that she didn’t want to be a tour guide, she wanted to be Nicole Kidman as featured in the massive, billboard advertisements for J’Adore perfume. She certainly spent enough time juzzhing her hair in all the shop windows….
That night we ate in a Supersteak house just around the corner from the hotel. This was an odd experience as it looked like a fast food place but was extremely opulently decorated inside with lots of gold paint. We were a bit dubious but actually they served up a decent steak although they seemed to think we wanted to eat Fries as a starter! It was interesting to see the tables turned in here, as we watched the young Chinese kids struggle to use their knives and forks to very slowly cut their steaks!













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