Staying up in Beijing

Off we went in search of Peking Duck. Jane had found a recommendation for the best Peking Duck in all of Beijing in the Beijing Times. It was just a couple of blocks away from our hotel and sounded fairly simple to find.
We desperately needed to stay awake to try and adjust to the jet lag. By now it was dark but it felt very safe walking about.
We walked along Chongwenmen Dajie and then off up Taijichang Dajie which eventually led into the bright lights big city that is Wangfujing. Wow now this was exciting. This was modern, brash, lights, brand names. Crazy stuff. I loved it. It was really busy even though it was Sunday night and had a real buzz.
We walked all along here and finally found the corner on the map that looked as if it should house our restaurant called Xiao Wang Fu. Turned out it was housed in the rather upmarket Crowne Plaza hotel! Still we’d walked along way and decided to go for it. It was actually a very smart place and the food was very decent. Whether this was the branch that had won the best duck award…I doubt it. Still two beers later and the jet lag was drifting away.
Happily we decided to wander back again and got too involved with various groups taking photos. Jane and Joyce even joined in with the flash mob dancing outside the church!
Then we decided to take a detour down the backstreets as I’d read that this turned into a streetfood market at night. It was great, really lively and all sorts of stalls selling all sorts of things. Scorpion kebab anybody?









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