Honk Like Hell

We arrived in Delhi after a great flight having enjoyed our upgrade to World Traveller Plus. What a bonus that was nice big seats and a small, exclusive cabin away from the riff raff behind the curtain! It was about 2.30 in the morning local time and when we walked out of the airport it was like arriving in a Bollywood movie. The main thing that hits you is the smog – it was just like we when we left Brum- only after a while your throat begins to burn slightly, your eyes go red and your teeth feel rather gritty. Nice.
Enjoyed the mad drive to the hotel through said smog and soon experienced what driving is going to be like in India. It literally is a free for all and we saw everything we expected including overloaded trucks, rickshaws with no lights, buses on the wrong side of the road and of course the obligatory cow. Still no accidents so that was good.
Had to get up this morning early as our guided tour of Delhi started at 9.30 so met up with the girls over breakfast. Our hotel here is called Hotel Jivitesh and its quite smart but in a noisy area – the honking started at about 6.30 I’d say….
Then we met up with our guide for the day Vik. He’s been brilliant all day and along with our driver has really looked after us. So what did we get up to? We started at the Jamid Masjid Mosque which can accommodate 25,000 people praying at once. But whilst we were there it was rather pleasant, quiet and peaceful although you could still hear the honkers outside. We were provided with some suitable attire whilst visiting which looked remarkably like your grannies, colourful nylon housecoat. V fetching.
Then we went on a crazy cycle rickshaw ride around Chandni Chowk. This is where the various markets are and is a maze of narrow alleys completely rammed with people, tuktuks, bicycles and other rickshaws. It was outstanding and impossible to take it all in. We then did a v small walk through the spice market part and here the thing that strikes you is the amount of ‘stuff’ being transported about the place.
After this we went to the Red Fort and it was here that we discovered that the tables had been turned. Normally, there we are trying to take photos of interesting looking people. Without them noticing. But this time we had Indian people slyly taking pics of us and then after a while they gave up on that and just started asking to have photos with us. Jane in particular had numerous babies and children thrust at her during the day.
Of course we learned lots of useful information during the day like how many concubines the 3rd Mohgul emperor had. I think he is the same chap who married his wife when she was 15 but sadly died in childbirth at the age of 32. By then she had had 17 children. Crikey.
We had a nice lunch – we’re sticking to vegetarian curry options and then finished off our day at the Qutb Mina. This is an impressive minaret (as Enid says ‘the leaning tower of Delhi’) and other Hindu and Muslim ruins. We ran out of time to do some other stuff so we’ve arranged another half day drive tomorrow.





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3 thoughts on “Honk Like Hell

  1. How exciting – I’m very envious. It’s been quite a few years since I was in Delhi but I still recall that smog. All that you say plus the smell of lead pervading everything. Don’t forget to visit New Delhi before you move on. All built by the genius British architect, Edwin Lutyens.

    • You’re right Phil. Lutyens design was incredibly impressive. I think maybe the air doesn’t smell so much of lead these days- they’ve made all the public transport some thing called CNG which we think is like LPG. But still the smog pervades!

  2. Sounds like fun already….and upgraded – you lucky girls!!!!

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