We’re on our way….

How exciting to see the count down turn to hours instead of days! We have arrived down here a the Sheraton Skyline at Heathrow. Horrible journey down in lashing rain through the Cotswolds and had a nightmare trucker on my tail. What was the name of that movie?
Joyce, one of our fellow travellers had some bad luck yesterday as she managed to lock herself out of the house and had to get the locksmith out. £95 later she was back in but thinks she needs to take up begging in Delhi. She should try living in London where Pete does- I’m sure that little incident set us back more like £250. Also Enid had to make an emergency dash to Debenhams to get a new suitcase after the zip broke on her old one. She always does try to pack too much.
Still on a brighter note Jane and I logged onto British Airways today only to find out that our seats had been upgraded. Happy days.
Some you win…some you lose.
We’ll be meeting up with Joyce and Enid over breakfast in Delhi as their flights go via Zurich. Obviously.

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4 thoughts on “We’re on our way….

  1. Amanda

    1 – the movie was Duel
    2 – bon voyage! xx

  2. Ian M


    You know it’s my lifelong ambition to be upgraded – I even once (and this is not a joke) wore a blummin’ blazer and tie for the 14 hour trip to Hong Kong with no success!

    As I said –



  3. Sioux

    Have a safe trip. Looking forward to the updates x I am with much news !!!! Just been appointed as SMC Dorchester !!!! Blimey x

  4. Hello Ian fancy not upgrading you when you had your blazer on. The trick is clearly sweat pants and a t shirt.

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