Tiger Ban lifted

Good news sports fans…finally the Indian Judiciary have lifted the ban on tourists visiting the national parks for the purpose of viewing tigers. We had already decided not to change our itinerary so this is a little added bonus. The rules remain a little confusing in that viewing is now allowed in the outer 20% of the core areas.

Tiger india

Tiger india (Photo credit: Wikipedia

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5 thoughts on “Tiger Ban lifted

  1. Jane

    So excited about the news of the tiger ban. Lets hope they all go to 20% of the park that we are going to. Here kitty kitty!!

  2. David Allen

    Look forward to reading all about your trip and hope you get to see those Tigers! Dave

  3. Mike Allen

    Hope you’re a good shot – I could do with a new rug! Have a great trip and watch your spelling – we’re all tutting away already!

  4. Ken & Brenda Allen

    Tiger, Tiger, shinning bright
    In the forests of the night
    caution ,caution, keep out of sight
    If Julie sees you she’ll have a fright

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