Hello ….is there anybody out there?

Welcome to my new blog. There is no great plan for this blog other than for it to replace the journals that I usually write to capture the magic moments on our trips.
It seemed a good place to start with our recent visit to Buckingham Palace. This was a birthday treat and it was very enjoyable. The changing of the guard is a surprisingly popular event with crowds of tourists- I mean CROWDS- watching the apparently randomn comings and goings. The audio tour is very good and the music when you enter very atmospheric – we felt right at home.
Anyway the first real stop for this blog will be India in November and after quite a bit of stress we now have our visas and just await news on the tiger ban. Typically the decision keeps getting put back and the next update is due on 3rd October….

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3 thoughts on “Hello ….is there anybody out there?

  1. Laura

    I can’t leave a comment… I’m speechless. Blog, what?

  2. Alan Franklin

    Just read your e-mail about your forthcoming trip to India and I am envious. Hope you have a good flight and great holiday. Looking forward to seeing your travel reports

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